water monitoring

80MA ceramic pressure sensor

Specific high performance ASIC conditioning circuit;

Dry ceramic capacitive pressure sensor;

Robust ceramic capacitive sensitive membrane;

Fittings are cost effective reusable components for maximum flexibility

Excellent anti-corrosive and anti-wear performance;

0.5…4.5V and 4…20mA analog output or I2C and SPI digital output

1% Typical Accuracy - Offers superior accuracy which can work well for critical applications;

IP65 UL listd,RoHS, and CE compliant;

12 Months warranty.


Model: 80MA

Name: Gauge pressure/Seal pressure

Applicable Media:Liquid, Gas

Pressure Range: 0-60bar

Overload Pressure: 150%

Cell: Ceramic capacitive pressure sensor

Output: 4-20mA/0.5-4.5V/1 -5V/0-5V/0-10V/I2C

Power Supply: 24VDC/12VDC/5VDC/3.3V

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Working Temperature: 20~70ºC

Electrical Connection: Parkard, Cable outlet, M12, mini DIN43650

Mechanical Connection: G1/4, 1/4NPT,1/8NPT, M12*1.5, 7/16-20UNF (female), customazation

Housing Material: 304 stainless steel