water monitoring

STS Control Switch

Designed for cleaning liquid, hydraulic oil, heat-carrying agent and lubricant;

Takes the high integrated ARM industrial-grade MCU as the core;

It is temperature switch, transmitter and display in one and the same device;

PNP/NPN +4~20mA/0-5V output;

Programmable automatic control design;

Support MODBUS;

OLED with back-light display;

Provide RS485 communication for option;

Display 180°turnable,Body 330°rotable.


Model: STS

Name: STS Control Switch

Applicable Media:Liquid, Oil, heat-carrying agent and lubricant

Measuring Range:-50...260℃

Supply power: 12...30VDC

Temp.Error: PT1000

Temp.Drift: ±0.15%/10K

Repond time: ≤ 5s

Accuracy: ≤ ±0.5℃

Current output: 0/4...20mA,20...4/0mA RL ≤ 0.5kΩ

Voltage output: 0...5/10V,5/10...0V RL>10kΩ

Working temperature: -30℃ ~80℃

Protection Rating: IP65/IP68