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5 Stages RO system without pump

5 Stages RO system without Pump

Purified water capacity:50GPD

Cartridge:PP+GAC+CTO+RO membrane+inline carbon

Booster Pump: NO PUMP


1.Purified water capacity:50 GPD with VONTRON membrane(technology from USA)

2.Housing: white single o ring housings

3.Fitting type:JACO/quick fitting

4.Cartridge: PP+GAC+CTO+RO membrane+post inline carbon

5.type of flushing: manual-flush

6.Reverse tank:3G plastic tank

7.Faucet: D-01 goose neck faucet(others can be choosen)

8.Package: each packed into standard exporting color box

9.Function of each stage cartridge