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CIT-8800 Inductive Conductivity / Concentration Online Controller

CIT-8800 Inductive Conductivity / Concentration Online Controller is a new developed conductivity/Concentration/TDS/Temperature integration controller, without electrode inductive Conductivity Sensor.
For continuous measurement of conductivity under strong ion concentration environment or percentage concentration,So that the information processing speed and the test result is accurate and stable.
Measuring, transmitting,control are completely isolated,more stable,Excellent performance of measurement and calculation software. Nonpolar electronic switches can operate at switching, pulse state,expand the field to meet a variety of uses.


Model: CIT-8800

Name: CIT-8800 Inductive Conductivity/Concentration Online Controller

Conductivity/Concentration/TDS/Temperature integration;

Conductivity/TDS/concentration/temperature transmit;

RS485 MODBUS-RTU protocol;

Double channels/isolated (4~20)mA output, Instrument/transmitter mode for selection;

3.5" 320X240 TFT color screen, Chinese/English for optional;

Touch keys, humanism operation interface, guided menu;

Application-oriented can be customized, designed accessory for a variety of use conditions;

Built in NaOH, HNO3 concentration curve, Other new solution can be calibrate;

Sensor material for optional, for highly corrosive, health requirements;

Electromagnetic compatibility, with strong ability of anti-interference;

Calendar function which can set timing and reserved timing;

Password protection function, strengthen system security.

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