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EC-8850 Conductivity/Resistivity Controller

This instrument is a panel instrument for on-line monitoring of industrial process conductivity. Range switch over and constant check can both be freely set and adjusted through the operation component on the rear panel; unique signal collecting and processing technology and special thick film circuit are adopted to make measurement accurate and operation stable; there are also other features such as linearized data, automatic temperature compensation, not subject to the length change of cable and maintenance-free. It's an ideal auxiliary instrument of various types of small pure water equipment.


Model: EC-8850

Name: EC-8850 Conductivity/Resistivity Controller

Measuring Range: Conductivity: 0.055- 400,000uS; Resistivity: 10kΩ-18.25MΩ, TDS: 0.023-200,000ppm

Displaying Mode: LCD display with backlight, LCD 2x16 bit;

Accuracy: 1.0%(FS);

Current Output Signal: 4-20mA, isolated, transportable;

Refresh rate: 3S;

Accuracy: ±0.03mA@25℃, 24V

Control output signals: Hi/Lo/off (normally open contact)

Pulse Output Signal: Pulse modes (maximum pulse rate: 400p/m), RS485 communication output signal

Power supply: 18-36V DC

Communication output:RS485, BAUD RATE:2400,4800,9600.

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