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pH/ORP-3500 pH/ORP meter

pH/ORP-3500 series is a kind of popular and cost-effective online pH and ORP controller, with plug-in pH/ORP-1220 sensor, which have good measurement accuracy, anti-interference,easy to install and operation features.
White backlight LCD screen,several operations, easy for operation Be compatible for six kinds of buffer solution(10.00,9.18,7.00,6.86,4.00,4.01) which suitable for international standard.
Selectable temperature sensor which reduce the replacement cost.
Manual calibration is easy for on-site calibration.
EMC enhancement type could run smoothly under kinds of industry environment.
(4~20)mA output support instrument/transmitter modes and satisfy all (4~20) mA receiving unit. Double relay high/low and delay control function could fulfill pH or ORP interval control and adjustment. Several power supply to be selection according to the different models.Input AC/DC power, no polarity connection.


Model: pH/ORP-3500

Name: pH/ORP-3500 pH/ORP meter

One kind of popular and cost-effective online pH/ORP controller;

Be compatible for six kinds of Buffer solution (10.00, 9.18, 7.00, G.86, 4.00, 4.01);

Outlay temperature sensor design, Universal pH electrode;

While back-light, overhead multi symbols, simple lo set up, easy to use;

Isolated (4-20)mA output, dual mode Instrument/ Transmitter;

Double relay control (one for high limit, one for the low limit) and the lime-delay control;

Optimal electromagnetic compatibility design, good anti-jamming performance;

Multi power supply, DC/AC power input, no polarity connection;

Compact Quick installation with the Short cabinet;

With the CE certification.

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