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Economical Up Flow Regenerate Soften Valve

GR-2 Series of economical control valve is the same as the corresponding GR-1 in function and principle. it use "One dynamic & two static" three layer ceramic valve core technology (Patent: 2016205325767), Series manual valve, It adopts four key controller operation setting method, needless rotation station identification when power on every time.The inlet and outlet water is set on the side of the valve body.Small size, simple structure, no wear and tear, permanent life.It can be widely used in the softening and purification of industrial and civil.


3 ceramic disc seal, "zero" wear and tear;

Extensive keystroke operation mode;

Water inlet flow meter, full meter control , power failure and water stop memory,It can be channged to Timer mode;

Can be set the delayed regeneration function;

Multi-valve interlock communication, multi-mode output extension,external control input interface.

Parameter Setting
Control Panel

Control Panel with LED Screen

Control Panel with LCD Screen

Flow Process
GR-2 Selection

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