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Large Series Fixed Bed Up Flow Regenerate Soften Valve

GR20\40\50\20T\40T series up flow regeneration fixed bed large valve series, water production range is 15T/ h-70t /h, the inlet flow meter is used to set the cycle of water production, slow backwash water and wash water, and the brine flow meter and the brine electric valve are used to specifically measure brine absorption and salt tank water supply.In the flow mode, the internal flow transducer realizes the switch of all stations as long as the amount of brine,the amount of slow washing water and the amount of washing water is set according to the volume (liter) of the swap tank. After the period of softening water amount (ton) is set according to the hardness of the raw water, each station decreases to "0" according to the set value, and stops decreasing and maintains when the water is out of service or no water.


Default Meter mode, which can be switched to time mode;

Independent valve port, channeling channel, planar ceramic seal valve core;

Power outage memory and water outage memory;

Multi-set interlock and multi-mode output control;

Extensible 485 interface;

Delayed regeneration function.

Parameter Setting
Control Panel

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Flow Process
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